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The new Zeiss Microscope was delivered to the St Vincent’s Private Hospital in January 2019. It is a superlative piece of engineering.

The new microscope has improved optics, lighting and automatic focusing. It is a large microscope but the automatic balancing features allow it to be moved effortlessly with one hand.

The improved graphics give 4K resolution – not only for the surgeon, but also the assistant and the theatre staff.

This allows the assistant and the nursing staff to have a greater understanding of the procedure allowing them to be more involved and anticipate the surgeons’ needs. This reduces the surgical and Anaesthetic times making the surgery safer.

Dr Timothy Steel & Dr Ellen Frydenberg using the Zeiss Titavo 700

The improved vision allows smaller incisions and more minimally invasive surgery to be performed leading to faster recovery times.

The 4K recording ability allows us to record the surgery in ultra-high definition for patients to better understand their surgery.