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Welcome to the

Dr Timothy Steel Content Network

Dr Timothy Steel is one of Australia’s leading Minimally Invasive Neurosurgeons and Spinal Surgeons.

Dr Steel has developed a network of websites to bring you cutting-edge content from the neurosurgery and spinal surgery fields, including news, techniques, technology, journals, and high-resolution video of surgeries direct from the operating theatre.

Dr Timothy Steel’s St Vincent’s Practice

Visit the website of Dr Timothy Steel’s St Vincent’s clinic to learn more about him, the various surgeries he performs, or to book a consultation.

Dr Timothy Steel’s Neurosurgery Journal

An index of new and interesting neurosurgery and spinal surgery news, technologies, techniques and research.

Dr Timothy Steel’s Surgery Videos

This website showcases Dr Timothy Steel performing neurosurgery and spinal surgery procedures.

Dr Timothy Steel’s Surgical Results

This website contains several case studies of Dr Timothy Steel’s surgeries.